At Satelix, it is important to put our employees forward. So today, we are going to highlight the great career of our employee Mathieu SOUMASSIÈRE who is celebrating his 20th anniversary with us!

Mathieu joined the Satelix Team in 2003. His main role was to coordinate projects and he was the Production Department Manager.

We wanted to interview him in order to mark this great professional anniversary!


Can you explain your career at Satelix?

  • Analyst Programmer for the Satelix Sales Force solution
  • Trainer consultant for the Satelix Logistics and Satelix Sales Force solutions
  • Salix projects coordinator
  • Manager of the Department “Integration of Satelix solutions”


What is your vision of Satelix over these many years?

“Satelix is a ‘family business’, a company on a human scale who knew how to grow through the years.

When I think about the beginning of our adventure, when we were 5 or 6, the company has changed a lot.

We knew how to organise ourselves by creating new departments and by improving the skills of each employees in order to integrate them into this great adventure that is Satelix.”


What values do you share with Satelix?

“At Satelix, we share 3 main values: commitment, sharing, assertiveness.

I fully share these values, and especially the sharing-one.

When I was a Trainer consultant, I shared all these values directly with clients.

Now, as a Manager, I like to share and transmit my knowledge with my team or with the Satelix solutions external integrators.”


Can you give us a little anecdote?

“I have a lot of stories to tell, with my 20 years of experience at Satelix.

What comes immediately to mind is the number of companies that are equipped with our Satelix solutions. It surprises me in my everyday life, while doing shopping or watching TV, for example.

I did not realize that our customers were everywhere before becoming a part of this adventure…”

He knew how to grow the company and how to transmit his knowledge over the years through his investment, enthusiasm, pedagogy and patience. Many of our customers are still asking for him but he has evolved within Satelix and now he wants to bring his expertise in-house during deployments, for example, and wants to share this expertise with his team.

We thanked him properly for these 20 years during our general meeting.

We hope that he will continue his career at Satelix with us! We wish him again a happy professional birthday!