For a logistics solution, service is as important as the technical solution. Engagement and expertise in terms of support are characteristic added values of Satelix: from the analysis of your operating mode to the implementation of the system, we assist you throughout the project in order to set up the solution best adapted to your needs. A team of experienced consultants will be at your disposal.

Notre équipe à votre écoute

How to set up Satelix Logistique ?

  1. Project appointment
    This is the project identification stage. It is a question of identifying your exact needs, listening to your wishes, identifying your requirements and objectives, in order to fully understand the context and the issues at stake. We take the time during this phase to collect all the data necessary for a personalised study.
  2. Tailored and personalised proposal
    In a proactive approach, Satelix helps you make the right decision. The commercial offer and its contractualisation, which you receive at this stage, are as clear as possible.
  3. Technical analysis before installation
    Our consultant carries out an audit of the structure’s operation, during which he lists the elements that will be useful for setting up Satelix Logistique.
  4. Set-up, training and start-up support
    Our consultant installs the program. Depending on the solution chosen, Satelix commits to 2 days of distance installation, 1 day of hardware installation on your site, configuration with wifi and printers, and then 1 day of training.The consultant who deployed the solution will be with you from the start, to familiarise you with the software and its functions, answer your questions and adjust the settings.
  5. On-site support day
    After the launch, your sales contact will offer to come back to your site to review the deployment and the proper functioning, go into more detail on certain functionalities and answer any questions.
  6. Testing phase
    We check that the system is fully conform to the specifications before launching it. Before entering a classic hotline scheme, you maintain a privileged link with the consultant who trained you, in order to reach a testing phase.
  7. Support hotline
    You benefit from a fast and efficient handling of your requests.

Our promise: the Satelix spirit

Even in an emergency, even when the stakes are high and when faced with the obligation to achieve results, serenity in a project is always a guarantee of efficiency. It is also the ultimate goal: that of the user.

It is proof of a job well done, of satisfaction at all levels: working with a smile is our passion, and giving it to others is our reward.

Putting the problems simply, making things simple, thinking about everyday use is already preparing to find the right solution.

The business expertise must be outstanding but the first skill is to understand your needs.