Stock management is a must! A well-organised stock management system is essential. Picking is a crucial stage in this process. There are a number of different methods, each offering specific advantages depending on the warehouse and the type of product. Discover the six main picking methods for efficient stock management.


1️⃣ Manual picking

Manual picking is the simplest and most common method. Operators move around the warehouse picking items according to the instructions on the picking list.

Example: In a small company selling car parts, operators use trolleys. They scan to pick items (oil filters, spark plugs, etc.) following the instructions on their barcode terminals.


2️⃣ Zone picking

In this method, the warehouse is divided into zones, with each operator responsible for a specific zone. An order may require products to be picked from several zones, and the items are then grouped together for dispatch.

Example: A clothing e-commerce company divides its warehouse into zones: one for tops, one for bottoms and one for accessories. Each operator is specialised in one zone and only picks items from that category. This reduces unnecessary travel.


3️⃣ Wave picking

Wave picking involves processing several orders at the same time, grouped together in waves according to specific criteria, such as priority or delivery zone.

Example: In a food distribution company, supermarket orders are grouped into waves according to their delivery date. This ensures that fresh produce such as vegetables and dairy products are picked first to guarantee their freshness.


4️⃣ Batch picking

 Batch picking involves picking several orders at once. The items are then sorted into individual orders.

Example: An online bookshop uses batch picking for its book orders. Operators pick several copies of the bestsellers at once and then sort them before dispatching them to the various customers.


5️⃣ Automated picking

Automated picking uses technologies such as conveyor systems, automated carousels and picking robots.

Example: An electronics warehouse uses robots to pick items. The robots move along the aisles and pick items according to the orders received. This reduces errors and increases processing speed.


6️⃣ Voice-assisted picking

Voice-assisted picking uses voice instructions to guide operators to the locations of the items they need to pick.

Example: In a pharmaceutical warehouse, operators use headsets with microphones to receive precise voice instructions on the medicines to be picked. They confirm each pick verbally, which improves accuracy and leaves their hands free to handle delicate products.


🚀 How Satelix Logistics optimises picking processes

The Satelix Logistics WMS is designed to improve the efficiency of picking operations thanks to several features:

  • Indication of item location: it indicates on operators' terminals the exact location of items to be picked, thus reducing search times.
  • Support for multiple picking methods: it supports manual, zone, wave and batch picking, enabling companies to choose the method best suited to their needs.
  • Route optimisation: By optimising operator routes, it reduces unnecessary movements and picking times, boosting efficiency.


👉🏻 In a nutshell, each type of picking has its own specific advantages. However, these advantages depend on the needs of the warehouse and the nature of the products stored. Selecting the most appropriate picking method can significantly improve operational efficiency and reduce logistics costs.


The Satelix Logistics WMS offers a complete, integrated solution. It makes the picking process faster and more accurate, while improving productivity.


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