Located near Parthenay, France, the company IDMAT is a specialist in customized lifting and handling solutions, cables, chains and textiles. With a 21 530 sq ft warehouse, the company decided over a year ago to equip its warehouse staff with a WMS. A decisive turning point in their warehouse management.


Satelix Logistics: a tailored solution

At the end of 2022, IDMAT's warehouse staff completed their training on how to use the WMS. The company was equipped with 5 barcode terminals with the Satelix Logistics Android application to optimize their entire warehouse management.

With over 2,000 items in stock, IDMAT faces a real logistical challenge. Thanks to the support provided by Satelix in deploying its solution within the warehouse, warehouse staff have seen a real change in stock management and order preparation.


« We have become Satelix-dependent »

A year and a half later, Fabien MÉTAIS, Site Manager, confirms: "We can no longer do without it, we've become Satelix-dependent". This statement underlines the impact of the logistics transformation the company has undergone thanks to the Satelix Logistics WMS.

As you enter the warehouse, a few warehousemen are busy picking orders. Terminal in hand, they follow the instructions given on the app to fetch the items, scan them and put them in boxes. "It's simple, we just scan the order form and the app tells us where to go to pick up the right item," says warehouse worker Fabrice.


Reducing the risk of errors

The Satelix Logistics WMS has not only enabled IDMAT's warehouse staff to increase productivity and efficiency, but has also considerably reduced the risk of errors, as Fabien MÉTAIS proudly affirms: "Following an audit, we found that we no longer had any preparation errors concerning the choice of items."

This successful collaboration demonstrates how the Satelix Logistics WMS can transform logistics operations for SMEs, making them more efficient, responsive and competitive in their markets. And all this while enabling warehouse workers to work at their best, thanks to an ergonomic, reliable and easy-to-use solution.


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