25 of April 2024 is the International Girls in ICT Day (or #GirlsinICT). This day aims to support the participation of young girls and women in the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector. To celebrate the occasion, Satelix would like to highlight three of its Development Department employees.


The story of #GirlsinICT

International Girls in ICT Day was established by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a specialised agency of the United Nations. The aim is to tackle the under-representation of women in the information and communication technologies sector, by celebrating their participation in developments in the sector.

Celebrated for the first time in April 2011, this day aims to encourage young women to pursue their studies and careers in this field, despite the stereotypes that can sometimes exist. Each year, the ITU works with colleges, universities and companies to organise events, workshops and seminars around the world. This global initiative has grown over the years and takes on greater importance each year, highlighting the careers of women in the ICT sector.


Portrait of our developers: meet Leslie, Manon et Sara

Leslie, Manon and Sara are our three developers. Thanks to their enthusiasm, persistence and skills, they work every day to develop and optimise Satelix Logistics and Satelix Sales Force solutions. It was therefore without hesitation that Satelix wanted to highlight their careers.


Leslie, developer at Satelix for 2 and a half years

🎓 Your educational background:

After a Bachelor's degree in E-Business, I moved into development by taking a Bachelor's degree in Application Design and Development. I then continued in this direction by taking an MBA in Full Stack Development, which I did on a sandwich course. That's when I joined the development team at Satelix, and I had the opportunity to stay on at the end of the course. So I've been here for 2 and a half years now, working on the Satelix Sales Force application.


💚 What you like about your job:

There are two things that I like about my job. Firstly, the notion of challenge. In other words, sometimes getting your head stuck in the sand about bugs or features that need to be developed... It's a bit like a permanent challenge.

Another thing is the notion of learning. In development, you have to keep up with technical developments and learn new technologies all the time. So it's a constant learning curve - you can't just rest on your laurels!


🎮 Your hobbies:

In a few words, my passions are ice skating, photography and video games.


🎵 Your curent favourite music:

Lock / unlock de J-hope ft. Benny Blanco & Nile Rodgers


Manon, developer at Satelix for 1 year

🎓 Your educational background:

I started off with a vocational baccalaureate in embedded industrial electronics, now called 'Cybersecurity, Computing and Networks, Electronics'. Following this, I went on to do a BTEC in Digital Computing and Networks, which is a logical follow-up to the previous course. I then wanted to learn more, so I decided to take a Mobile Web and Web Developer course, followed by a work-linked course as an Application Developer Designer for Android mobile technology.

Following this work-study programme, I joined the Satelix development team to help build and improve their solutions.


💚 What you like about your job:

What I love the most about my job is the passion for development. My brother passed it on to me when I was little. As someone who likes the logic of things, I love understanding how applications work, what happens when you click on this or that button...

Today, I particularly appreciate the overall design of an application: from its architecture to its visual design, always thinking about making it ergonomic and easy to use for its users.

Finally, just like Leslie, I enjoy the daily challenges and the satisfaction that comes with them. The fact that technology is constantly evolving drives me to be constantly on the lookout for new developments.


🎨 Your hobbies:

I love art in general, whether it's painting, fashion, writing or music. Art is a universal form of communication where everyone can express themselves as they wish. But I also love history, culture and science. Above all, I love learning, whatever the field!


🎵 Ta musique du moment :

Monday de Biga*Ranx, LEJ, Akhenaton, Blundetto


Sara, developer at Satelix for 1 year

🎓 Your educational background:

My first degree was in Industrial Computing. I then went on to study for a Masters specialising in Computer and Embedded Mobile Engineering. This training gave me solid skills in programming and analysis, which prepared me to take on the technical challenges at Satelix!


💚 What you like about your job:

What I love the most about my job is the constant stimulation of new challenges and the daily learning opportunities. Being in such a dynamic field keeps me motivated. Seeing the concrete results of my work and its impact on users is extremely gratifying.


📷 Your hobbies:

Outside work, I'm passionate about photography, travel and working out. Photography allows me to capture unique moments, travelling feeds my curiosity and inspires me, and working out allows me to challenge myself physically and mentally.

I'm also passionate about creating personalised jewellery. I love playing with different materials and styles to create unique and original pieces.


🎵 Ta musique du moment :

High Life – Qaayel


Many thanks to them for agreeing to take part in this project!