Back to work means new arrivals! Last September, we had the pleasure to welcome Florian, Sales Engineer, to our Satelix Team. A few months later, we asked him how his integration at Satelix went…


Tell us about your background!

I graduated from a BTEC in Computer Science fifteen years ago now. Subsequently, I joined a software publisher where I had the opportunity to progress from Installer, Trainer and Project manager to Quality Manager… Positions where a sense of customer service is essential!


Why did you choose Satelix?

I knew Satelix through a very good friend of mine who works there. He therefore explained to me what Satelix offers to its customers. This immediately attracted me: offering a solution that helps SMEs is something that appealed to me and it provides a real benefit.

This position was also a new challenge for me because I am taking on sales missions that I have never had done before!  However, this challenge is what motivated me the most. Thanks to my friend, I knew that there was a very good atmosphere within Satelix, which is very important for me. Working with a smile and with people you like is much better!


Tell us about your first days at Satelix…

The integration path was interesting. I followed a two-week training course in order to discover different aspects of Satelix, such as the two Satelix solutions: Logistics and Sale Force. In addition, I was able to attend customer meetings with my sales colleagues, which help me a lot! It was also the opportunity to meet the Satelix Team and to discover a few internal processes.

I felt that my colleagues really wanted me to feel good in the Team from the first day. They integrated me into the Team with a lot of smiles and kindness, which was very pleasant.


What do you like the most about your position?

First, I would say that what I like the most is the relationship with customers. I enjoy meeting Managers or IT Systems Director of SMEs to understand their problems and challenges in order to offer them the appropriate solution. I also appreciate the connection we have with our Integrator and Reseller partners. This is a real strength.

Finally, because I am kind of a competitor, I appreciate the commercial challenge I face!


A few words about Satelix…

When I arrived at Satelix, I immediately perceived its ambitious side! I learned that I was the 30th employee and that they were only 15 two years ago. Doubling your workforce in two years is not a small thing and it says a lot about the company’s strategy. I also quickly noticed that Satelix had a real family-spirit: we all support each other. Finally, I quickly understood that each employee is committed to the customer’s satisfaction, which is a very important thing to me.


One last question: what values do you have in common with Satelix?

The three words that come to mind are:

  • Expertise: It is important to me to be a real expert with our clients. We understand our customer’s problems and we provide an adequate solution.
  • Kindness: “One for all, all for one!” Kindness is for me an essential quality within a company so it can grow peacefully. Everyone does their job and is ready to help, despite the fact that sometimes, we do not have time. It is very nice to know that we can count on someone if needed!
  • Smile: Without a smile, life would be very sad, in personal life as in professional life. My position requires me to be regularly on the move or, the rest of the time, in the home office and yet, each time I come to the office, everything is very simple, people are always smiling and welcoming!


We warmly thank Florian for this testimony about his integration into the Satelix Team. We are very happy to have him among us!


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