For over 20 years, Satelix has been the WMS (warehouse management system) and offline order-taking solution for SMEs in France and abroad. Let's take a look back at the history of Satelix around the world...


From mainland France to French overseas departments and territories

Since the beginning, Satelix has travelled the length and breadth of mainland France to offer its two solutions: Satelix Logistics and Satelix Sales Force, notably through a commercial presence in the North-West, North-East, South-East, South-West and Ile-de-France (Paris). From the outset, however, Satelix wanted to extend its logistics solution to the French overseas departments and territories. Satelix now offers its solutions in the French West Indies (Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana), French Polynesia, New Caledonia and the Indian Ocean: Reunion Island and Mayotte.

This strong presence overseas is largely due to the specific characteristics and problems faced by SMEs. Stock management is a crucial issue, since it takes longer to deliver products than in mainland France. The Satelix Logistique WMS therefore helps companies in the French overseas departments and territories to organise their warehouse management, goods flows and inventory procedures as effectively as possible.


From neighbouring countries to the other side of the Channel

Historically established in the French overseas departments and territories, Satelix has also been present in part of Belgium and French-speaking Switzerland since its creation. From 2018, the Satelix Logistique WMS solution has been rolled out in the rest of Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

This was a major step forward in the internationalisation of the company, but it did not stop there. Indeed, last year (2023), Satelix deployed its logistics solution for the first time on the English-speaking market and more specifically in Ireland, in the company called "Acravet", which distributes and markets veterinary products.

All of these international deployments are also made possible by Satelix's various external consultants, present in the four corners of the globe.


Satelix all over the world

Satelix regularly works with external consultants in Ireland, New Caledonia and the Indian Ocean. These partnerships enable us to meet the logistics needs of companies wherever they are based.

Internally, as part of this internationalisation project, a branch has been set up in La Réunion in 2021. Satelix now directly employs two people: Fanny, Indian Ocean Project Manager, and Alexandre, Technical Support Consultant. This ubiquitous presence in the Indian Ocean means that we can provide the best possible support to our customers on the spot, by offering a technical service that is open at the same times as companies on the island and overcoming the problem of the time difference with mainland France. It also means we can offer local sales support.


And now…

Satelix continues to build on its momentum and is now fully open to the Anglo-Saxon markets with its presence in Ireland, which could eventually lead to the creation of a branch with a view to expanding into the UK. Ultimately, one of the plans is to cross the Atlantic and expand into the United States.

For the time being, the project for 2024 is the opening up of the North African market, a major project for Satelix and its international development.