It is always interesting to know the activity of the clients with whom we are working! Satelix presents the agri-food industries.


Agri-food industries: what are they?

First, we will try to define in a few words what the agri-food industries are. “It brings together all the industrial activities which transform raw materials from agriculture, livestock or fishing into food products primarily intended for human consumption.”


What is their story?

The agri-food industry appeared in France at the beginning of the 60’s. At this time, the place women take in the society is evolving: they are working more and are therefore looking for food products that are quick and easy to make. At the same time, out-of-home catering is growing.


What place do these agri-food industries take today?

Among the leaders, we find different industrial groups: Danone, Lactalis and Pernod-Ricard at the top of the ranking.

The agri-food industries employ around 460,000 people spread across France. This basic necessity sector is essential for the population and the Covid period has confirmed it.


The place of Satelix and its logistics solutions:

Satelix has a place in the agri-food industry because the main challenge of this type of industry is traceability through the management of batch numbers. Satelix masters this particularity and supports SMEs in order to maintain this traceability: used-by date, batch numbers, product codes, first-in-first-out strategy (FIFO)…

Satelix solutions interface with different ERP that are already in place, such as Sage, Cegid, EBP, etc. Our solution is present on the terminal used by warehouse workers every day. Satelix Logistic aims to optimize the flow of goods, stock management and inventory in order to save time and increase efficiency. Our team of experts also support the commercial side thanks to the Satelix Sales Force solution.

Satelix Logistic is already established with Pierre Oteiza, Le Manoir Alexandre, Les 2 marmottes, Tropic Apéro, Font Patrick, etc.

Find a new article next quarter about a new type of industry where our Logistic solution is pre