Satelix Team meets every year in order to take a step back and to take stock of the past year. It is also an opportunity to look further on our corporate vision and values. This general meeting is also a good way to anticipate the future.

During the meeting, we will discuss these different topics:

  • Review of last year
  • Overall strategy and strategy by department
  • Innovations
  • New employees
  • Goals and upcoming projects


Review of last year

Sébastien PROUD, the manager of the company present the financial statement and the means put in place during this year.


Overall strategy and strategy by department

Talking about an action plan is important for taking the company where the manager wants to go. It certainly requires the support of the team leaders and his invested employees.



Being able to innovate is the guideline of many companies and taking advantages to bring renewal is essential. It is also a solution to keep the employees motivated and to get investing in other projects.


New employees

We are proud to introduce our new talents to the Satelix Team. Many of our new employees work remotely but it does not mean that we cannot work happily in team.


Goals and upcoming projects

How will Satelix develop tomorrow? Thinking of the future is important for the company in order to grow. Satelix sees its future alongside its employees. There is a famous quote that says: “when we are alone, we go faster; but when we are together, we go further.”

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