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The automotive industry represents “all the activities linked to the life of a vehicle, from the factory to the deconstruction and recycling.”

The automotive industry appeared in 1769. The French engineer Joseph Cugnot who adapted a steam engine to a chassis developed the first automobile. Nearly 350 automobiles were already on the road ten years later, in 1880. Since then, numerous mechanical and technological developments have arrived, allowing the automobile to adapt to human needs over the years.

The Beetle is the best-selling car in the world!



The automotive industry has long been the symbol of France’s industrial success. This sector has suffered from the effects of the economic crisis on the national market but also on the global market. Today, manufacturers also have to deal with issues such as the fluctuations in the price of gasoline, for example.

Moreover, in 2022, electric vehicles are blooming. The sales of alternative energy vehicles reached a high level with 4.4 million units sold. They represent half of new vehicle registrations. Electric vehicles remain in the thick of automobile manufacturer’s strategy because they somehow represent the future of the sector.



Satelix has implemented its solution in the warehouses of automotive industries such as Toyota, Biomotors, GS27, Sawiko France…

Our Satelix Logistics solution interfaces with the ERP already implemented. The terminal used every day by the warehouse worker has already the Satelix solution installed. Our software allow them to optimize the logistics through the management of goods flows and stocks. It is also used during the stock inventory process.

By choosing Satelix, you benefit from tailor-made support to guarantee complete immersion in your work environment and to facilitate your warehouse management. Our team of experts can also help you for the commercial part thanks to its Satelix Sales Force solution, which aims to take orders offline.


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