Our CEO Sébastien PROUD talks about Satelix in the local newspaper “Le Courrier de l’Ouest”. The history of Satelix, its challenges, its ambitions and the expansion of its premises… Discover all about Satelix in this newspaper! 


From a small French company to an international logistics player: the story of Satelix 


Satelix is a company that created a solution to manage inventory for small and medium-sized businesses. Located in the Mid-West of France, Satelix is experiencing rapid growth and is expanding internationally.  

In 2003, two companies: Décision Informatique (Bressuire, France) and MIGC (Moncoutant, France) merged to create DuoTech (Bressuire, France). They developed solutions with barecode terminals and an easy-to-use application for managing stocks for small and medium-sized businesses. “95% of the companies in which we install this system still managed their stock with paper and pencil”, explains Sébastien PROUD, CEO of Satelix. “Small businesses started by computerizing accounting, administration, production… Logistics only came last, quite recently actually.” 


Traceability issues 

However, inventory management involves major traceability issues. “Particularly in the agri-food industry, which represents 30% of our activity” emphasizes Sébastien PROUD. Recent product recall scandals at Kinder, Buitoni, Lactalis… show it. The solution developed by Satelix is based on barcodes affixed by manufacturers and it can be implemented in an SME in a few days after an audit. The application works like smartphone applications: warehouse workers know how to use it in less than a day. 


From 4 to 34 employees 

In 2010 Satelix was created within DuoTech to develop its solution. “There were 4 of us at Satelix at that time”, remembers the CEO. “So we occupied two or three offices in the DuoTech premises. Today, we are really lacking space: we will be 34 in March 2024.” And above all, the turnover is increasing spectacularly: from 2 million euros in March 2023 to around 3 million euros in March 2024.  “And we are aiming for 5 million euros by 2025-2026” confidently announces Sébastien Proud. 


Satelix in the French Overseas Territories 

Satelix now has nearly 500 clients in all areas: food industry (Alain Milliat juice, Amorino ice cream…), but also in pharmaceuticals, automobiles (Toyota), mechanics, construction and even board games (Iello, creator of “Code Names”) and sex toys. 

The company began by equipping SMEs in Mid-West of France (Deux-Sèvres) then quickly expanded to all of France and French Overseas Territories. “The islands have even greater supply challenges, because the lead times for restocking are very long” emphasises Sébastien PROUD. Satelix also has three persons employed in Reunion Island and operated in the Antilles, New Caledonia and Tahiti. Satelix is also present in French-Speaking countries in Europe: Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In 2024, they open up to the Anglo-Saxon market with a file in Ireland which could lead to the creation of a branch, and from there expand to the United Kingdom and the United States. They also will target North African customers in 2024. 


Amazon changed everything 

“The arrival of Amazon has created a need for speed in inventory and order management,” explains the CEO of Satelix. “Large French groups like Fnac or Metro have their own internal solutions with dedicated services. However, there was no solution for SMEs. We are a standard solution and we have arrived at a time when companies are equipped. Today logistics is crucial.” With pencil and paper systems, companies carry out inventories once a year. By computerizing with WMS (Warehouse management system) software, they can query their stocks more quickly and regularly. 


Optimize warehouses 

Storage space is very expensive, so companies need to optimize their warehouses. “When they receive goods, we tell them at least the empty locations in the warehouse, and at best where it is most relevant to place the pallet, depending on the use of it,” explains Sébastien PROUD. This computerization reduces the back and forth of warehouse workers: when there is an order of 25 lines, the application creates and optimized path in warehouse. The application also prevents order errors, “because when the warehouse workers scan the barcode, it tells them whether they is taking the right product or not,” explains the CEO. “This avoids customer returns which are also very expensive for companies.” 

The eight Satelix developers continue to develop the application and to improve its ergonomics. They will integrate solutions using artificial intelligence in the coming years. The sales department distributes the software via resellers: around a hundred. Deployment to customers is done either internally or by subcontractors throughout France and other countries. 


From Bressuire to the international markets 

Satelix has occupied a 1076 sq ft premises here in Bressuire, but they are now too small, so they have doubled the surface area. “We had not at all planned to grow so much” exclaims Sébastien PROUD. Since the end of 2023, a 1400 sq ft premises extension has been under construction. It should be operational at the end of March 2024. 

Satelix carries out international ambitions from Bressuire, France. “And there is no reason for that to change” says Sébastien PROUD. “I am from La Chapelle-Saint-Laurent (a little town near Bressuire), I was born here, and I am very attached to my territory. Satelix does not need to be in Paris to work well. We are in a very buoyant market, so we undoubtedly have less need of Parisian contacts and networks. And nowadays, the majority of developers are looking up for remote-work opportunities.” For example, at Satelix, some of the developers live in Rennes, Nantes or Poitiers, and come to Bressuire for a joint meeting every three weeks. 


Source : Le Courrier de l’Ouest – 18/01/2024