It's official: the Satelix Logistics WMS is now present on the Maghreb market. As part of its ongoing international expansion drive, Satelix took advantage of the Logismed event to announce our arrival in this booming market.


A strategy that meets the challenges

This international expansion, particularly in Africa, meets the specific needs of Moroccan SMEs. Faced with major logistical challenges, the Satelix Logistics solution makes it possible to digitise logistics operations, offering an ergonomic solution that is easy to use and set up.

The choice of Morocco as an entry point into the African market is not insignificant. The country boasts a strategic geographical position and a fast-growing economy. What's more, the logistics sector is developing rapidly. "Our arrival in Morocco is an opportunity to demonstrate the adaptability and efficiency of our WMS in the dynamic environment of the North African market," adds the manager.


The Logismed trade fair as a starting point

The Logismed trade fair is an emblematic event in the North African logistics sector. Under the theme of logistics and economic, geopolitical and environmental challenges, the show was held from 7 to 9 May in Casablanca, Morocco.

As well as presenting the Satelix Logistics WMS, it was an opportunity to make contact with companies, gain a better understanding of local specificities and engage in rewarding exchanges with the various players we met.


A high-performance WMS for SMEs

In a world where the speed and efficiency of logistics management are crucial to staying competitive, Satelix Logistics is a solution designed for SMEs and their day-to-day challenges. This WMS comes in the form of an Anrdoid application available on the Play Store and downloadable to a barcode terminal. It provides seamless management of goods flows, from receipt to order preparation. With Satelix Logistics, companies can not only control their costs, but also increase the accuracy of their inventories and minimise errors by digitising processes and significantly improving product traceability.

Satelix Logistics integration transforms warehouse operations into efficient, interconnected systems. By adopting this solution, SMEs can expect a considerable reduction in turnaround times, a significant advantage these days. The ease of use of the Android interface, combined with the functionality and ergonomics of the Satelix Logistics application, ensures that every stage of the logistics process is optimised for performance and accuracy.


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