For more than 20 years, Satelix has been publishing and marketing its solution called Satelix Logistics, designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Thanks to its team of experts, the solution adapts to your projects through all the processes in order to optimize the flow of your goods, the management of your stocks and the monitoring of your inventories. It also follows technical developments.


In order to meet new standards, the Satelix Logistics V1 solution on Windows will end on December 1, 2024. We anticipated, developed and released the Logistics V2 Android version to prevent any problems. Moreover, our Satelix team of experts will be there to support you in this evolution, which will make your daily life easier. Remember to anticipate and to contact us!


Several Webinars will be organized for the occasion in the coming months. Stay tuned to participate and prepare your questions!


What will these developments be? We tell you a little more bellow.


First, you will be equipped with new Android terminals. This new working environment will be more ergonomic and simple to use.  It will also be less bulky, equipped with a camera and more responsive – including for scanning products.


Then, there will be a real-time synchronisation between the terminal and the ERP so your warehouse workers will no longer have to wait. The data will also be transferred instantly! The instant tracking of your goods will bring satisfied customers.


Finally, our application will be simplified and more responsive in order to facilitate your warehouse workers daily life and your company’s productivity.


Of course, our Sales Team is here to answer all your questions and request.


Satelix wants to evolve with you and aims to support you: do not wait any longer to contact us.