Before the start of the new academic year in September, we thought we'd take a step back and look at how we do our business as publishers of solutions for VSEs and SMEs. This is also an opportunity to look in more detail at our corporate vision and values.


S is for "Savoir-Faire" (Know-How).

The exemplary nature of our expertise is one of the first values defended by Satelix employees. Being technically irreproachable. Understanding our customers' needs and challenges, so that we can advise and support them with the utmost rigour.


S is for Simplicity.

Not every problem is a problem. At Satelix, questions are asked simply, realistically and objectively. By approaching issues with their day-to-day use in mind, each member of staff is ready to find the most appropriate solution for the customer.


S is for Serenity.

Taking a calm approach to every project is proof of professionalism. Pressure and haste are not synonymous with success. To achieve its objectives, the Satelix team works with positivity and efficiency.


S is for Smile.

Never neglected, a smile is proof of satisfaction for both customers and the team. Great attention is paid to the well-being of our employees. A job well done puts a smile on your face, and a smile makes you want to do your job well. It's a virtuous circle that Satelix encourages.

Satelix is the solution with a capital S!