The logistics world is constantly evolving, and warehouse management represents a real challenge on a daily basis. The quest for efficiency and productivity is now an integral part of corporate strategy. Accompanied by the development of new technologies, particularly in the logistics sector, new systems are emerging. This is the case of wearable scanners, which are now real allies in warehouses. Let's take a look at the history of this device, how it is used and its benefits, with the help of the Satelix Logistics WMS.


From barecode terminals to wearable scanners

Barcode terminals (or barcode scanners) have completely transformed the way data is collected and managed in warehouses. Originally, these terminals were connected to computers by wires. As developments progressed, the wireless system was gradually deployed and new terminals appeared, allowing greater mobility. However, the real transformation occurred with the appearance of wearable scanners (also called "remote scanners"), which redefined the mobility and movements of warehouse workers within warehouses.


Order preparation right down to your fingertips

Wearable scanners, also known as "ring scanners", are small terminals which, as their name suggests, are placed on the ring finger  Connected by Bluetooth technology, the barcode terminal can be placed on the arm, wrist, in the pocket or on the picking trolley, for example.

In the warehouse, the use of remote scanners embedded in a WMS such as Satelix Logistics will enable warehouse staff to see where products are located and to scan products while moving, sorting or packing goods.  This hands-free capability significantly improves productivity and efficiency in order picking.


Numerous advantages for optimum logistics efficiency

Finally, this ergonomic solution offers a number of advantages. It allows both hands to be free, so that warehouse staff can move around more easily. And without the risk of losing the terminal in the warehouse. But there's more! The use of wearable scanners speeds up the order preparation process, saving an average of 5 seconds per parcel. This time saving is invaluable, particularly when it comes to satisfying customers with shorter order processing times.

The use of wearable scanners represents a major advance in logistics. Combined with the Satelix Logistics WMS for optimal management of the goods flow, from receipt to dispatch, this ergonomic tool combines reliability and speed.

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