Do you want to offer your customers effective, reliable solutions? Solutions that fit in with your existing ERP? High-performance, modular and intuitive, Satelix Logistics and Satelix Sales Force solutions are easy to learn and use, and meet the needs of a wide range of sectors: agri-food, pharmaceuticals, furniture, etc. Whatever your partner's business, Satelix has THE solution with a capital S.


How does it work?

Satelix Logistics and Sales Force solutions are marketed through a network of approved partners, IT services companies and resellers who distribute high-tech solutions.

Like Satelix, all our partners and resellers aim to develop their business and their priority is to satisfy their customers.

Becoming a Satelix partner means working with a team of solutions experts. Passionate men and women who will put all their know-how into achieving your ambitions.

Becoming a Satelix partner is an opportunity to develop your business. In concrete terms, it's a plus for your offer, an added value to your service, a bonus for your customer relations.

Becoming a Satelix partner means gaining access to a large network of solutions professionals. You can exchange and share your experiences for the benefit of your respective companies.


Our partners say it best...

"It's not just the product or the solution that counts, it's above all the team that implements it and keeps it in operational condition. A team that's there for the good times and the bad. The problem is knowing, when there's a problem, how we're going to solve it. By coordinating our teams, we can find solutions that work for our customers. That's Satelix's strength."

Nicolas PARINET from Parinet Informatique

"Satelix is a team, it's about people. They're serious people, but they work in a relaxed spirit. We work very closely together. And above all, Satelix is a comprehensive solution that allows us to offer our customers a range of solutions, especially when EBP has functional limitations. Satelix offers a range of solutions, which is why we work with them on a regular basis."


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